Samantha’s Journey! How to go from Catering to Construction

Samantha’s Journey! How to go from Catering to Construction!

Samantha’s journey!  How to go from catering to construction.  2020 has been a tough year for all of us with everyone having to adapt and change to the “new normal”. So how do you change from being a catering consultant to construction?  This is my journey so far.

For myself this year has been a year of development and growth.   From the age of 16 I have always worked in Hospitality.  Working in various roles from Kitchen Porter up to Management.  For the past 3 years working in Hospitality recruitment. When lockdown hit in March Perfect Recruitment made the decision to look at other sectors.  This is when Perfect Construction was born.

With a new focus comes excitement, determination and a lot of learning and the main challenge I found was trying to shift my mindset. To say I wasn’t nervous would be a lie, but I am not one to shy away from a challenge.

I continue to read about different job roles and types within the industry. For me this is important I understand what different roles are and what falls under the job description.  This helps me when I am matching candidates.  I need to know what I am talking about and have the knowledge.

October I joined a Networking group for Construction and Property professionals.  I have thrown myself straight into networking.  Attending 10 meetings a month.   I also follow up with 1-2-1 meetings with members.  This has been extremely valuable.  Not only for growing Perfect Construction but for my own personal growth and understanding of the construction industry. Being able to have a meeting with professionals who have been in the construction game for many years has been fantastic.  This has given me a lot more knowledge of the different businesses within the sector as well as being given recommendations on people to contact to help grow this side of the business. Networking for me is not just about trying to grow this business but about creating positive relationships with clients and being able to complement one another.

In summary a new focus has been challenging but rewarding. Reflecting on the year and how Perfect Construction has grown in a matter of months is amazing and makes me feel extremely proud of this achievement to date. My confidence in the industry has grown and I am excited to see what 2021 brings for Perfect Construction.

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    Yes I have a job working on a Redrow Homes site in Blackpool painting for a contractor. I would like to thank you once again for getting me back in the workplace during these strange and unusual times Covid 19 has presented us with. Keep safe and hope to work again for you guys in the future.